Welcome to the ARTA Haberdashery!

ARTA Maroon Apron

A limited edition, maroon River Apron with the retro ARTA logo and a cute wooden spoon. Only available online; (you can't steal one if you go on a trip).


ARTA Grocery Tote

Paper, plastic, or awesome? Own the checkout line when you whip out your chic ARTA grocery tote. Perfect for granola bars, organic avocados and fresh kale.


ARTA Steel Mug

Impress your boss and neighbors (or just enjoy your morning coffee and think about being on the river) with a stainless steel mug emblazoned with the distinctive ARTA logo.


Dragonfly T-shirt

Made of 100% fond memories and cotton. Dragonfly on the front; #artalife on the back; cool person inside. [Select size in the Type field]


Retro Logo T-shirt

Throw it back when you kick it back. The original 1963 ARTA logo on the front of a fresh 2021 T-shirt. [Select size in the Type field]